Maltese dog

How to care Maltese dog | Breed information | Maltese healthy puppy

Maltese dog

By: Verna Houle/Marie

Maltese dog is great companion dogs for adults and the elderly who live in apartments or townhomes. There is little to no shedding. They are hypoallergenic, lively, playful, and cuddly. They are a small breed of dog in the Toy Breed category.

Maltese dog
Maltese healthy puppy


Most Maltese have white or light colored fur. They do tend to have tear staining around their eyes. Ear infections caused by yeast (fungal) are also common with this breed. Yeast may be caused by their diet. It is best to use pet food made of natural products and is grain and beef free. It is also important to have regularly scheduled veterinarian exam visits to keep the shots update, toenails clipped and ears checked. Read more.


Maltese fur can become long and matted if not cared for properly, this means daily brushing is required. Unless the Maltese are show dogs, it is best to keep their coats relatively short for an easier grooming procedure. Grooming the Maltese every day not only keeps them looking and feeling great but also strengthens the bond between the pet and pet owner. Maltese have no undercoat, therefore, they are prone to be sunburned.


Maltese are spunky, lively little dogs who need plenty of exercises to help manage their weight and keep their bodies strong and muscle tone.


Small dogs, such as the Maltese, are quite fragile. Because of their petite size, they can easily be hurt by people or other animals. They can also hurt themselves by jumping off furniture or other items in the home. This is why it is not good to have small dogs around small children. Because small dogs are quite fragile, it is important to be aware of their presence at all times. If there is heavy foot traffic in the home, it is wise to have a pet gate and/or pet pen to keep the pet in a safely contained area.  Read more.

Animals are wonderful companions. Whether it is a cat or a dog, they can bring so much enjoyment to a family. However, owning pets means taking good care of them. Pets need tender loving care much like children. Only those who have love, passion, time and dedication to care for pets should own pets. Pets are not something that should be bought or adopted one day and then discarded the next.

Those who feel it is time to own a pet, remember these important facts: Check the local Humane Society first; Buy from a reputable pet breeder; Do not buy from a puppy mill; Always spay and/or neuter the pet; and Be sure to devote quality love and time to care for the pet.

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