German Shepherd

How to care of a German Shepherd | German Shepherd dog breed information

German Shepherd

learn how to care for a German ShepherdGerman Shepherd dog breed information and more about this breed. The German shepherd is a loyal breed which has served humans from a long time, know more about German shepherd facts, care routine, diet chart and precautions

The German shepherd is the breed that is very loyal to their owners. This breed of dogs was once used by the German army to investigate the crime sites and go to chase the missions. This breed is born aggressive and they need to be trained to behave in a friendly manner, although they are friendly around kids.

The German shepherd dog is intelligent and capable of working dogs. German shepherds are the best dogs if we talk about guard dogs. They are very swift, fearless and merciless if they sense any sort of danger around them. If you train your dog, they will behave absolutely like a gentleman and will very soon become a family member.

These breeds are very intelligent and sharp if you ever have troubled them in their puppy phase, then it will be very wrong to think they will treat you good. They will never treat you like a friend moreover if they get any chance to attack you, they will never leave this golden opportunity. So never ever mess with this breed they are born fighters.

German Shepherd

Care regime of German Shepherd

The German shepherd is originally from Germany. They can be easily get trained and they’re so versatile and excelling at most things that they are trained to do. The GSD has a sturdy, slightly elongated body, solid bone structure. The eyes are dark and almond in shape. This is a medium to large-sized breed which attains an average height of 60- 64 cm for males and for females the average height attained by an adult German shepherd is 54-60cm, but their weight varies depending on their bone density.

German Shepherd

German shepherd puppy [6 months]

A healthy German shepherd puppy should be of 1.5 kg weight. They have soft fur and big paws. their ears at the beginning are inclined downwards but as they grow between 2-3 months their ears become erect which makes them look very cute and adorable. A healthy puppy is quite active and should be given food 3-4 times a day.

If you want to make your German shepherd pup-friendly and less ferocious you should introduce your puppy to everyone. So that they don’t find a particular group of people dangerous since this one of the very intelligent dogs they recognize each and everything of our daily routine and every person we meet. Once they grow it becomes difficult to control their aggression and make them a friend to people.

This breed is born aggressive they should be trained to be friendly. So in order to make them friendly, we need to include daily exercises in their routine. Taking them for a walk or taking them to a ground when they can run freely will help them reduce their anger. Make sure you spend some time training with them.

Do not hit your dog on their heads, this can drive them crazy. If they have done something mischievous then yell at them and teach show them different gestures. They grasp gestures very quickly. If you hit them they will revert you and it is possible that they stop listening to your command. So do not hit your German Shepherd dog. It will develop anger in them.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd dog [Adult]

  • Once your dog is an adult it becomes even more necessary to train them and daily exercises because as they grow the energy level in them increases. If you see your dog is a super active, the notorious dog then you must take your dog to exercise to control their energy levels. If you don’t, then this will make them really restless and hence this will increase their aggression.
  • Once your dog is a full-grown dog limit their food to 2 times a day. This is important because when they stop growing all the food they eat converts into fat. This will make your dog unhealthy and gain weight.
  • German shepherd dogs diet should be similar to their natural diet, avoid dog food because it does not contain every vitamin and minerals whereas natural food like grains and wheat contains diet which is a nutrition pact and will help in their growth and fitness.
  • If you have a female dog, then you will have to take extra care of your dog. Female dogs have their monthly menstrual cycle just like a female human. During their menstrual time, they can get a little irritated and aggressive because of the pain but don’t worry that it is completely natural and your dog will come in its normal routine within 5-7 days.
  • At the early stages when your female dog will attain her puberty this cycle will be 7 days long but as time passes it will reduce to 3-4 days and your dog will become less aggressive and irritating. If you see blood around your female dog it is the signal that she has started with her menstrual cycle. Do not train her on these days, she will not like it rather she would like to relax.
  • In their mating period, they will act very lousy and uninterested, they might skip their meals. All this will happen if they don’t meet with a partner. Mating is as important as food or exercise.

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