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All about Cockatoos| Cockatoos temperament, caring, diet and lifestyle

Origin and History of a cockatoo

Cockatoo is from a family of cockatuidae. All cockatoo species are native to Australia and the islands around Oceania, including Malaysia, the Philippines, the eastern Indonesian islands of Wallacea to New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Cockatoos are an amiable and bubbly bird, which is also very fun-loving. These birds need a lot of affection, if not provided with enough affection and care, they grow stubborn like a kid and hence can get very aggressive at times.


The temperament of a cockatoo

Cockatoos are the birds that demand a lot of human attention and affection as much as a kid needs. They are very friendly birds and create a bond with the people very quickly. Still, when not given attention, they can become very depressed and may also exhibit neurotic behaviours. Amazing Facts about cockatoo 

When not given enough attention they may go on with biting owners, showing aggression by screaming and not eating food. This could lead to a lot of health and mental problems to you and your cockatoo also.

We would only suggest you buy a cockatoo if you can give enough time and affection to your pet just like your baby. Other than this, cockatoo’s are very intelligent, playful and mischievous at the same time. They understand human feelings and emotions just like dogs do, but sometimes they don’t do very well with young kids somehow.

Warning: Cockatoo’s beak is powerful enough to harm you, so make sure you don’t make your cockatoo mad. 


Caring for the Cockatoo

Cockatoo’s beak is very tough and strong; hence they can cut off their cage made of any weak material. They need a cage made up of wrought iron or stainless steel which creates a resistance to cockatoo’s tough beak.

Cockatoo birds are very energetic and notoriously loud if something does not go according to their comfort they can make you and your neighbours mad. While choosing a cage for a cockatoo, make sure the pen has a lot of horizontal wires also so that they can climb up and down in the cage to exercise.

Cockatoo’s cage should be at least 3-4 times of their proportions, so that they get enough space to move inside their cage, bigger the better with enough space between the bars.

Cockatoo bird needs at least 10-12 hours of good uninterrupted sleep. They get up with the sunrise and will also bring you out of your sleep at that time by shouting.

Cockatoo birds produce feather dust which could be allergic to some people who suffer from dust and animal allergies. To reduce this dust level bathe your bird once a week.

Common Health Problems of a cockatoo 

These birds are prone to neurotic behaviours, which includes picking and vandalizing their bodies if not given enough attention and affection that is required.

Other common diseases that can affect cockatoos include psittacine beak and feather disease, a viral infection that attacks the immune system; bumblefoot, painful lesions on the bird’s feet; and obesity, which results from a high-fat diet and insufficient physical activity.

Diet and Nutrition for a cockatoo

Cockatoo’s diet consists mainly of nuts and seeds. Besides, it requires a large variety of fresh foods like veggies and fruits. They also need some excellent quality of avian pellet-based diet. Pellets can be up to 50 per cent of the menu, while fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains will do the rest.

Since seeds are high in fat and cockatoo’s can get obese very quickly; therefore, there should be a limitation for such fat-rich diet.

Cockatoo’s love nuts, we can incorporate a nutty diet for them but occasionally.

There is no strict quantity for the diet of these birds, but you can decide on how much to feed your cockatoo by observing its eating and discarding volume. Usually a bird discards its food right in the morning and then near evening right before dusk. If they are discarding more or less, then you need to reduce or increase its food intake quantity.

Small baby birds need to be given food every 3 hours till the time they start walking or flying little distances. As they grow, food intake should reduce accordingly.


Habits and Lifestyle of a cockatoo 

These birds are very social, aside from mating pairs they do not like if any other cockatoo interferes during their mating, they usually do not establish close bonds with each other. White cockatoos communicate with their mates through a variety of noises and gestures. During mating with each other, they tend to scratch each other. These birds are very particular about their territories and partners, and they make noises to warn other birds that a specific region belongs to them. White cockatoos use loud noises and screams for communication and alarming other birds.


Amazing Facts about cockatoo 

  1. The primary purpose of a cockatoo’s crest is communication. When raised, it can indicate several intentions: displaying for its mate; defending its flock or territory; or frustration.
  2. The raised crest is a warning about not to touch them – at the risk of being bitten.
  3. The lowered crest may indicate friendliness, calmness, and general applicability.
  4. Cockatoos use their body language for communication. When birds use the feathers on their face to cover their beaks, they are welcoming and non-aggressive try to act cute and show their affection and respect for you.
  5. They wing their feathers so that they distribute their dust throughout their body.
  6. The dust they release from their feathers are waterproof, and they provide essential waterproofing to cope with a tropical, wet climate.
  7. They have a unique way of bathing, and that is to hang upside down during rain.
  8. White cockatoos were observed doing gymnastics also, as they need to invest their energy somewhere or the other.
  9. It is noticed that if a cockatoo is in a good happy mood then sometimes to gain the attention they act dead also.
  10. If it is in a bad mood, then their screams can make your ears fall. Also, if you live in small apartments, then please don’t but a cockatoo as it makes notorious voices if they feel lonely.



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