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10 pets that are Apartment friendly | Best Pets for Apartments

Apartment Friendly Pets

10 pets that are Apartment friendly | Best Pets for Apartments | Apartment friendly pets. Pets! Everybody’s once in a lifetime wish to have one, but choosing an Apartment Friendly Pets for your home is one of a task. Whether your family’s new addition would have fur or fins? It all comes to you and how much effort you’re willing to put to be an owner. They usually come in all sizes, but every Pet requires a different kind of effort to look after. Some need a lot of attention and care, while some need to be left alone. All that matters is your efforts and will power to take care of them, after all, they are also living beings just like us.

Some best pets for apartments

Moreover what kind of Pet you are looking for is a question to ponder over, whether a one you could curl up on your sofa or someone you’d prefer to watch from a distance. The best Pets are those who doesn’t disrupt nearby neighbors or damage your home. The ones who are environment friendly and are a good fit for preschoolers.

So, where do you start? We’ve got a list of  10 exotic Pets and why they are suitable for your apartment, homes, or living rooms.



There are over 60 different species of rabbits people like to keep as a pet. Mostly they are social that want to make your company. They come in as the best option for apartment living, can be easily litter box trained, groom themselves, and are relatively quiet. Usually, they are allowed by their owners to roam free in their living space which is a good way for them to exercise. one drawback to keeping Rabbits is that they like to dig and chew. You need to make sure there are no loose, exposed cords and only allow them to roam on carpets or rug free rooms.

Life Span- five to ten years

Length- 9 to17 inches

Weight- 2 to 16 pounds

Feeding- Commercial pellets, fresh vegetables, and freshwater.

Apartment friendly pets


Rats are the most suitable apartment for friendly pets. They are friendly, intelligent, and quiet. Can be easily tamed and comparatively small size and relatively easy to take care of. Don’t need a lot of space to live in, a cage of 2 cubic feet would do for them. Mostly sleep during day time and active at night.

Life span- 2 to 3 years

Length-9 to 12 inches, plus a tail of 7 to 9 inches

Weight-up to 2 pounds

Feeding-Everything that’s eatable from nuts bread

Best Pets for Apartments


Fish are the most common type of pet one can own, they are easy to take care of and to feed. But Not all fish will do as a pet. We need the right breed that’s easy to manage. There is a variety of tank fish coming in vibrant color shades of orange, violet, red and green; Aside from the visuals, they are quite small mostly of quite a few inches. Forget the large aquariums and filters, just keep them in fishbowl water.

Life span-up to 3 years

Best for-any age

Feeding-Commercial fish food.

Best Pets for Apartments

7.Love birds

Mostly social and affectionate, a species of parrots. Love birds have strong pair-bonding usually due to long hours of sitting together. They live in small flocks and are fond of eating vegetables, fruits, grasses, and seeds. Are of different color variations with a mix of vivid colored wings. Their antic acts a fun to watch but a quite noisy and talkative, always chattering.

Life span-5 to 15 years

Length-5 to 7 inches

Weight-40 to 60g

Feeding-Seeds, grass, vegetables, fruit, cooked food, and grains.

Best Pets for Apartments


Hamsters are an ideal pet for a small apartment as they don’t require a lot of space. They are quiet, Low maintenance, don’t shed, and are a furball. Most people with allergies can live comfortably with hamsters in the house. Hamsters are easy to feed and tame. They require a small place to live in mainly a 2 cubic feet cage, with food, water, something to chew, a wheel to exercises, and a hiding spot.

Life span- 2 to 3 years

Length- 2 to 13 inches

Weight- 0.5 ounce to 10 ounces

Feeding-fresh veggies, fruits, hay, etc.

Best Pets for Apartments

5.Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are the perfect pet for any household/apartment. They crave socialization and are easy to handle. Their small size makes them convenient pocket pets. They make a “wheek” sound to communicate, not much loud to disturb your neighbors in a small setting. Easy to keep and maintain, requires a small cage of 2-3 foot long to roam about, height doesn’t matter as they don’t climb, so 15 to 18 inches of height would do. They appreciate out of cage time to socialize. But make sure they stay away from exposed wires and chords.

Life span-4 to 6 years

Length-8 to 10 inches

Weight-1.5 to 2.5 pounds

Feeding-Vitamin C, Commercial Pellets, hay, fresh vegetables.

Best Pets for Apartments


Cone-shaped face, short legs, bodies covered with spikes are one of the most cutest things on the planet. They are typically gentle and solitary and rolls like a ball when fear danger. Hedgehogs don’t require a vast cage, a small enclosure of at least 2 to 3 feet is good. They generally don’t produce much f dander and are suitable for allergic people. Entertain well with people out of the cage and are to be handled with care.

Life span-2 to 8 years

Length-5 to 8 inches

Weight-1/2 to 11/2 pounds

Feeding-Cat food, chicken breasts, worms, fruits, and vegetables, etc.

Best Pets for Apartments


Chinchillas are good apartment dwellers as they are small, very playful personalities. Relatively clean and odor-free. They don’t need much space and can be enclosed in a cage of 2-3 feet. They are nocturnal, so you need not be missed if you are out in the day time. After some years of gentle handling, you can bond closely with them.

Life span-8 to 10 years

Length-9 to 15

Weight-1 to 2 pounds

Feeding- commercial chinchillas pellets, orchard grass, oats, alpine nuts for roughage, and constant access to timothy hay.


Frogs are also an ideal choice for small apartments. These slimy creatures Mostly do not need much of a space to live in, a few gallons of water would do for them. Some male usually sings and are not that quiet but not loud enough to offend the neighbors. There are many species of pet frogs: aquatic frogs, tree frogs, semi-aquatic frogs, etc. Moreover, it is easy to feed them as they only eat a few times a week.

Life span-12 to 15 years

Length-1 to 13 inches

Weight-1 ounce to 6 ounces

Feeding-Insects such as flies and moths, as well as snails, slugs, and worms.

Best Pets for Apartments


Mice are small creatures and are ideal for small apartments. Their size is what makes them quite adequate Pets for small spaces. They are relatively easy to take care of and are fast and self-grooming. Moreover, their playful acts will keep you entertained. Quite and easy to maintain Mice is a perfect choice for a small apartment and is easily tamed after hand-fed.

Life span- 2 to 7 years

Length-6 to 7 inches

Weight-1 to 2 ounces

Feeding-Generally they eat whatever is edible like pasta cooked or raw, fruits, nuts and veggies, fresh mealworms, pulses, and cereals, etc.

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